The Music of Steps. I Voice a Cartoon
Those who come to our theater, is a full audience. Therefore, a ticket is required and an adult and a child, regardless of age.
April 2
April 2
Duration 40 minutes
How many secrets does the screen hide! So, what happens beside camera's lens? How this miracle comes to life making designed characters speak human voices? Who helps them to сome to life? Who rustles, creaks, babbles and barks? Who is the wizard that composes the music of steps, claps, and sighs? We are going to reveal this secret to you, taking you to the world where sounds are born, and you will be given chance to voice this merry and noisy as it can be cartoon.
Staged by: Alexandra Lovyannikova
Videoart by: Mikhail Zaikanov
Text by: Anna Novikova
Music by: Anna Pospelova
Performed by: Lina Zakharenem, Pyotr Vyatkin, Ivan Dmitrashko
Music performed by: Maria Koreshkova (flute)
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