Swan Lake. Baby version
Those who come to our theater, is a full audience. Therefore, a ticket is required and an adult and a child, regardless of age.
Classical ballet for little ones with Tchaikovsky's music played with hang-drum, bongo and other exotic instruments. Choreography is created by the Theatre Ballet Moscow soloists.
Swan Lake has no conflict nor didactic moral, neither the space is divided between stage and auditorium, thus giving way to beautiful imagery. The kids will enjoy musical, sound and
tactile experiences.

The show has taken part in the following festivals: Academia (Omsk, Russia. 2016) and
Sztuka Szuka Malucha (Poznań, Poland, 2016)

Written and directed by: Tanya Weinstein
Designed by: Lilya Zhamaletdinova
Choreographed by: Anastasia Kadruleva
Music: variations on Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky by Yuri Rubin
Performed by: Dmitry Bogdanov and Khalisya Bogdanova, Ekaterina Nakhabtseva, Grigory
Laiko, Konstantin Matulevsky, Sofia Gaydukova, Alexandra Kirshina, Mikhail Kirshin, Yuri
Rubin, Mikhail Finogenov, Anna Topchieva.
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