The Year Around
Those who come to our theater, is a full audience. Therefore, a ticket is required and an adult and a child, regardless of age.
The Year Around, an atmospheric show, tells the kids about a very important changes in nature – the change of seasons, and it does so through live music, light and expressive means of the puppet theatre.

First snow and first rain, the first blooming flower and first leaf fall, - all of it is a true miracle for each and every child.
All action runs in a dome-shaped paper space that hosts public and performers.
This is a show with no words. Kids listen to the live sounds of musical instruments, witness live actor's emotions and watch a fast revolving of al the 4 seasons of the year.

The show is produced with the support by Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.
Written and staged by: Alexander Khromov (St Petersburg)
Performed by: Ekaterina Kimyaeva, Galina Parshina, Alena Popova, Ksenia Katrukhina, Boris Smelyanets, Alexander Lozitsky.
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